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Ascentiq solutions is UK based IT company, established in 2012 with only aim to provide excellent testing services. We at ascentiq solutions offer services in an innovative way, always maintain a customer centric approach and work towards client satisfaction. We have excellent resources to provide testing services as required by the clients and endure to provide results in a timely fashion and within the budget of the clients. We have strong QA team who are able to start testing project within 24 hours. We make software products which are more reliable and user friendly, successful and competitive in the market. Our team are specialised in different types of software testing services and in using various tools.We satisfy our customers across the world with our deep knowledge in IT and by providing high quality products.


Technology is advancing at a very rapid pace and software development companies are always under pressure to provide fully functional, highly secured and high performing software products.


The companies could incur heavy loss in terms of money, time and effort if any of these aspects are missing in the products. This is why it is important to ensure that all types of tests are performed on the software products before releasing them into the market. Even if there is a minute defect in the product it can interrupt the user. This makes the users assume that there might be more defects which makes the work delayed, and there is a risk that the user might stop using it and seek for another product. The users can get distracted and go for another product even if there is a minor defect. Without proper testing the software projects can be loaded with a lot of issues.


Quite often the products are tested just before they are released into the market, at this stage it might be too late and there could be many functional and non functional issues. At Ascentiq solutions our main purpose of testing software products is to ensure that they work as expected and meet the needs of the users. Because of time constraints many software companies that handle multiple projects face difficulties in testing and for the same reason they need multiple teams to handle the projects which could be another expensive thing. Ascentiq solutions help the customers in identifying the appropriate testing tool for the projects and also identifies right testing resources. We focus on the development activities and also in house testing activities which helps the customers in delivering the projects within the time frames.At Ascentiq solutions our testing professionals are dedicated and have deeper specialisation in relevant projects. They are able to use right tools and adhere to stringent processes. We possess capabilities like effective test and time management, best practices, reliability in test execution, global delivery and 24/7 support to our customers.



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