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Mobile application development


In today’s digital age, there has been constant evolution in technology; Ascentiq solutions help your businesses to grow and to be successful, we have developed different range of mobile apps for the customers. Our approach in developing the mobile apps is user centred as the apps we develop are smarter and friendly to the users and they get connected to the technology. We develop mobile apps across a range of platforms including ios, android, windows and web.


Ascentiq solutions proudly announce that we are the only company in the UK who has developed agile apps. This proves that we are strong supporters of agile community. 


E-Commerce for Business


For start up companies we help with the ecommerce solutions. We have customised and user-friendly ecommerce designs at a low cost. We are able to provide price-matching tools and also tools to monitor your web services. We provide search engine optimization for free. You will be able to monitor your businesses with the tools we provide using your mobile devices and also able to make orders at the same time. These tools also enable you to maintain offers thus making marketing easier. We have dedicated team to provide support and solve the issues. We provide services at best rates including monthly direct debits. We are flexible and friendly in a way to accept any other mode of payment as requested by the clients.

E-Commerce for Restaurants


We have separate ecommerce solutions for restaurants, you will be able to maintain offers and customise offers from customer selection, take orders and make reservation of the tables using web and mobile devices. we have developed apps for restaurants both web and mobile. These apps help you in marketing your business.



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