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Test Confidence


We deliver experienced test resources and you will be provided with information about the quality of software. To make sure that the production is robust in nature, we not only test what the software does but also what it is meant to do, we provide a level of thoroughness that traditional requirements based testing are not able to match.


We focus mainly on finding the bugs quickly in a cost effective manner. We provide an objective and independent view of the software; with this a clear visibility of the bugs, risks and issues will be given to you throughout the development life cycle.
The risks of the product implementation are minimised by validating and verification of the product.
The documented requirements and the contractual obligations are met
The external standards and specifications are met
The needs of the stakeholders and end users are met

Test Lab



At Ascentiq solutions, we have test lab to offer comprehensive range of testing services to ensure your software works perfectly in all the situations.
We understand client requirements and add expertise to the testing process.It is common to check the basic functionalities of the software to make sure that the software should work as it should, here at Ascentiq solutions we not only test for what your software should do but also test what your software can do. In the early stages itself we recommend system testing and UAT testing. This way we save your money and help to keep your project on track.

Web Application Testing


We test everything from the functions to the usability making sure that the launch of the website is successful and has no errors.
At Ascentiq solutions, we design web application tests in order to assess all ranges of web content, this includes small infrastructure to large and complex interconnected environments. We look at the logic how the web application is built and focus on the environmental aspect which allows the user to enter input. We also provide guidance on improving the security of the web application software. We are unique in web application testing due to using different approaches of open source, custom script and other commercial tools to conduct web application testing. As a process of web application testing. 

Mobile Application Testing


Mobile Application Testing with increase in the digital technology, more number of people have been accessing websites through the mobile devices. Due to different screen sizes and capabilities, the websites need to tested across all the major mobile devices.
At Ascentiq solutions we test mobile sites ensuring that they work perfectly across all the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in both portrait and landscape. We test mobile apps for iOS, android and windows operating system, here we focus on the system version, resolution of the screen and the capability of the device which could make the application.
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