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Mobile application testing


With increase in the digital technology, more number of people have been accessing websites through the mobile devices. Due to different screen sizes and capabilities, the websites need to tested across all the major mobile devices.


At Ascentiq solutions we test mobile sites ensuring that they work perfectly across all the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in both portrait and landscape. We test mobile apps for iOS, android and windows operating system, here we focus on the system version, resolution of the screen and the capability of the device which could make the application.


Whether you want us to test a dedicated mobile site or a mobile app, we test to ensure that the site displays and works as you intended.


Some of the mobile devices we test include


iphone 3 to 6 versions 5 to 9 with safari and chrome browsers

ipad1, ipad2, ipad Air, mini ipad with safari and chrome browsers

Android in both phones and tablets


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