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Test Lab


At Ascentiq solutions, we have test lab to offer comprehensive range of testing services to ensure your software works perfectly in all the situations.


We understand client requirements and add expertise to the testing process. It is common to check the basic functionalities of the software to make sure that the software should work as it should, here at Ascentiq solutions we not only test for what your software should do but also test what your software can do. In the early stages itself we recommend system testing and UAT testing. This way we save your money and help to keep your project on track.


We do compatibility testing to make sure that your software will perform perfectly on different operating system and devices. With this the users get a high quality experience regardless of how they access the software. At Ascentiq solutions we have Apple Mac PCs, iPads, android tablets and wide range of smartphones.


We also offer Accessibility testing and usability testing, different forms of multimedia and E-learning testing.


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